Nepal is a landlocked country, which has got 1,14,181sq km total area. It can be divided into three parts, geographically; the Himalayan region, mid-hill region and the plain land Terai region. The Himalayan region is full of mountain peaks, including the highest peak in the world- Mt. Everest (8848m). Mountaineering and trekking are popular activities in this region. It is als the border region of Nepal with Tibet. The mid-hill region of Nepal is surrounded by the green hills sub-tropical

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Bhutan is a small and secluded kingdom located in the Himalayan region neighbored by the India and China. It remained unknown to the world for centuries and still it is following limited tourism so only few people have explored this mystical land. It was opened in 1970s for the tourists to visit Bhutan. It has preserved ancient arts and architectures that are highly influenced by the Buddhism. The Bhutanese also called their country as Druk Yul, which means the land

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Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is situated in the southwest of China, which is known as the roof of the world. It is surrounded by the Xinjiang region and Qinghai in the north and Sichuan in the east and Yunan to the south. Tibet covers 1.22sq km and the major population follow agriculture as the profession. The Tibetan region can be divided into three geographical divisions that are above 4000 meters- the east, west and south. The eastern part of Tibet

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