Nepal is a landlocked country, which has got 1,14,181sq km total area. It can be divided into three parts, geographically; the Himalayan region, mid-hill region and the plain land Terai region. The Himalayan region is full of mountain peaks, including the highest peak in the world- Mt. Everest (8848m). Mountaineering and trekking are popular activities in this region. It is als the border region of Nepal with Tibet.

The mid-hill region of Nepal is surrounded by the green hills sub-tropical forests. Hiking, trekking. Village tours, adventure activities like Paragliding, Bungy, Canoning are popular activities in this region. It is populated by the mixed villages, including the ethnic groups. The lush forests of this region are also the shelters for various endangered species. The plain land Terai region is a fertile region of Nepal. There are many tropical forests in Terai. Mostly they are suitable for the jungle safari tours. Chitwan National park is the most visited National Park in Nepal. Forests in Terai region are the shelters of endangered animal species like Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinos and Crocodiles. The cultural affluence of the ethnic villages is distinct and unique. After all, Nepal is multiethnic and multi diverse country.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a blessed landlocked country with wonderful Himalayas and a perfect place for everyone to visit. The diverse feature of geography and the surprising panoramas have attracted Nepal travelers to discover this mystic land in Nepal travel holidays. It is a suitable country for different activities like mountaineering, trekking, hiking, adventure sports, different package tours, sightseeing tours and other popular tourist activities. Trekking in Nepal offers you the hidden mountain beauties, flora and fauna and the surprising landscape as

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Tours in Nepal

Nepal is a wonderful country for the travels and tours. It is full of Hindu, Buddhist and other cultural monuments that are remarkable to visit and explore its beauties. It is a home of the eight highest mountains among the fourteen that are more than 8000 meters above the sea level. The Himalayan region, Middle hill region and the plain land Terai region, all are picturesque and unique structures. It is a birthplace of Lord Buddha and consist various Buddhists

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Day Tours

Nepal is a perfect place for the travel and tour activities. The multiple natural and cultural attractions of the country have attracted the visitors to explore the beauties of Nepal. Tour packages in Nepal are available in different forms and duration. They are jungle safari, sightseeing, hiking, exploration and adventure tours, Mountain biking, trekking and others. They begin from a single day tours to multi-day tours. Day Tours in Nepal are popular and it consumes comparatively less time and expense.

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River Rafting in Nepal

Nepal River Rafting gives unique and adventure experiences in the rafting trip in Nepal. The Himalayan Rivers that flow all the seasons continuously making challenging rapids are very much popular for the rafting and Kayaking trips in Nepal. The rafting does not only offers adventurous fun, but also an opportunity to discover the hidden panoramas. River rafting in Nepal starts from a single day trip to the multi day water fun and is a major source of entertainment. The Rivers

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal is an extra adventure activities and is a perfect trip for the ultimate adventure lovers. The people having climbing passion find this trip very much worthy and exciting. Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has authorized several peaks that are under 7000 meters with the purpose of commercial climbing, naming as Trekking Peaks. It needs special peak climbing permit. Come and join with us for the incredible trip of Peak Climbing with our experienced climbing guides and branded

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